Yard of the Month - April, 2021

April 2021.jpg

The selection for Yard of the Month for April is located at the corner of Ammonett Dr and East Weyburn Road. The transformation of this massive corner lot over the last few years by owners Benjamin and Margaret Wright is amazing. In addition to the beautiful azaleas that line the creek that runs across the front yard, the thick green grass that looks like carpeting and covers the entire property front and back is a “must see” as photos just don’t do it justice. The countless hours of hard work by Benjamin that have created this beautiful lawn have been noticed and are greatly appreciated!

Yard of the Month - May, 2021

May 2021.jpg

The Yard of the Month for May is located at 8216 Halstead Road and is at the home of Keith and Anne Measell. Keith has established a beautiful lawn in the front and backyard and does it not for recognition but to have a nice yard to look at especially when enjoying time on the screened porch.

Yard of the Month - June, 2021


The Yard of the Month for June is located at 8644 Trabue Road and is at the home of Jeff and Lori Matthis. This yard was chosen for its pretty green lawn and the neatly arranged plants in the borders along the front of the house.