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Questions Anyone?







A few years back, we discontinued a long-standing column in the Oxford Observer entitled “What’s Up with That?”  The column was dedicated to answering questions or addressing concerns from residents about issues in the greater Oxford community.


Topics were often treated with a wry sense of humor by the author “SnoopMaster”, but normally gave the answers and advice people were looking to receive.  Some loved the column because it gave answers with a smack of sarcasm and found it humorous.  Some felt it could be condescending and unkind.


We know residents are still curious about the goings on in our neighborhood, be it Virginia Power and the underground line burial project, speed tables on the neighborhood streets, or an occasional question about the history of the area.


So! It’s back . . .less wry, a bit more earnest, but eager to answer a long-standing question, urgent concern or settle a debate.


If you have a question regarding an issue on life in Oxford, please visit our web site at: under the tab “Questions for the Board” or mail your question to: Oxford Civic Association, P.O. Box 3881, Richmond, VA 23235.  If you have a question, but don’t wish it to be published, Please still contact us using the Post Office Box … letting us know you wish a private response with your contact information listed.  Questions will be answered by the Infrastructure Committee Chair or President.


Here's to the new column: “What’s Up?!

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