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Welcome New Residents!


The Greater Oxford Civic Association would like to welcome the following new residents to the Oxford community. If you are a new Oxford resident or you know of a new resident in our neighborhood, please contact Nancy Miller at 272-8867 to receive an Oxford neighborhood Newcomer Packet. This packet, provided by the Oxford Civic Association, is filled with information about Richmond in general — and our area in particular — and gives us an opportunity to meet and greet our new Oxford neighbors. We very much want to reach each and every one of our new neighbors, but we need you to let us know when a packet is needed. Welcome newcomers!


Oxford Newcomer List:



Summer, 2018

Jason and Brianna Walker

8435 Abbey Road


Jim Cobb and Elaine Leggett

8414 Rubimont Road


Alex Craig and Francis Craig

8201 Barningham Road


Daniel Gardner

8400 Halesworth Road


Jeff Jardine and Annie Cunningham

4815 Bicknell Road


Chris and Becca Payne

8211 Trabue Road


Mike and Angela Brittingham

8338 Trabue Road


Shawn and Claudia Mutchler

8225 Ammonett Drive


Jamie and Mike Cefalu

8430 Cherokee Road


Doug and Krysta Ivey

3510 Sherbrook Road


Taylor Fricke

3110 Archdale Road



Spring 2018

Statz and Allison Todromovich

8301 Trabue Rd.


Jeff and Lori Matthis

8644 Trabue Rd.


Ann and Kurt Robohm

3849 W. Weyburn Rd.


Todd Noonan and Louisa Esser

3254 Sherbrook Rd.















Donna and Steve Carey

2823 E. Weyburn Rd.


Arthur and Sylvia Shurcliff

8217 Halstead Rd.


Tom and Debi Kuhn

2909 Archdale Rd.


Bill and Tracey Lee

3401 Sherbrook Rd.

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