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Welcome New Residents!


The Greater Oxford Civic Association would like to welcome the following new residents to the Oxford community. If you are a new Oxford resident or you know of a new resident in our neighborhood, please contact Michele Emrich at to receive an Oxford neighborhood Newcomer Packet. This packet, provided by the Oxford Civic Association, is filled with information about Richmond in general — and our area in particular — and gives us an opportunity to meet and greet our new Oxford neighbors. We very much want to reach each and every one of our new neighbors, but we need you to let us know when a packet is needed. Welcome newcomers!

 Oxford Newcomer List: 

Spring, 2023

Tricia Cummings                        3330 Sherbrooke Rd.

Lauren Hackett                          3366 Sherbrooke Rd.

Brad Cundiff & Jessica Carey      8341 Charlise  

Summer, 2023

Carolyn & Ethan Downes            2815 Bicknell Rd.

Fall , 2023

Allison Snyder & Reid Alley        3041 Archdale Rd.

Diane & Andrew Abell               3700 Whitewood Rd.

Bennett Slosman & Liz Bradford   8336 Chippenham Rd.


Winter, 2023

 Joseph & Alyson Baxter             8670 Trabue Rd.

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