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Yard of the Month - August, 2018

August 2018.JPG

This is the home of Drew and Gay Perkins at 8216 Ammonett Drive. This yard was selected for the beautifully manicured lawn and borders. Gay wanted to give full credit to Drew for keeping the yard looking so good! 

Yard of the Month - July, 2018

July 2018.JPG

July, 2018 yard-of-the-month winner is at 8530 Sherbrook Ct. It is the home of Gary and Joyce Wagner. This yard was selected for the beautiful grass and neatly arranged borders. The home is a hidden gem in the cul-de-sac! 

Yard of the Month - June, 2018

Yard of the Month - May, 2018

2800 Mohawk Dr. June 2018.jpg

2800 Mohawk Dr. -  the home of Jim and Jane Tucker. -  was selected for the beautifully manicured lawn with neatly edged borders and nicely arranged plantings around the house. The borders along the road, which are quite steep, have also been beautifully landscaped.

This home is located at 8420 Cherokee Road.  It was selected for the well-manicured lawn as well as the beautiful azaleas and dogwoods. 

Yard of the Month - April, 2018

This home at 8423 Cherokee Road - was selected for the beautiful stand of grass as well as the neatly edged borders along the front of the house and along the sidewalk and driveway.  It is the home of Mary Jo and Kenneth Sheeley.  We were especially impressed to learn that Kenneth does all of the lawn maintenance himself and that Mary Jo is responsible for the nicely arranged plantings in the borders.

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